I have given my self the challenge of imaging all the 110 Messier objects. The added challenge for me is that I live more or less in the center of a small town and suffer from Light Pollution. Also I live at around 51° latitude which means that I will not be able to observe a few of the Messier objects. For this I will need to leave my town and go south to approx. 42° latitude.

For my imaging I will be using:

  1. an 80mm Refractor or a 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope.
  2. The mount used is a motorised EQ5 using AstroEQ for Goto
  3. Guiding will be performed with a ZWO ASI120MM camera and PHD2.
  4. The camera for imaging will be a Canon DSLR modified (the IR filter removed).
  5. Stacking will done using DSS or PixInsight
  6. Processing will be done using PixInsight.

Images provided by Raoul van Eijndhoven ( All rights reserved.